How is VR Changing the Way we Watch Porn?

The effect that 2D porn had on porn lovers is slowly fading as people get immersed in the more exciting virtual reality porn.  The introduction of affordable VR headsets such as Oculus Rift has made it possible for more people to subscribe to VR content especially porn.

Though most of the porn sites are yet to change their content from 2D to VR, the few sites that have adopted this have experienced an increase in their monthly subscribers. This means that more people are finding it more exciting and are able to relate more closely with the sex scenes that are unfolding, thanks to Virtual reality. Instead of just watching as the scenes unfold, one is able to get fully immersed in the act is such a way that you can almost touch the people involved in the pornographic act.


Despite the efforts made to make VR headsets more affordable, there are still a lot of challenges when it comes to VR porn such as the risk of getting caught in the act. For a 2D porn where you are watching through your computer screen, it will be easy to pause and move to another site to cover up the act but for VR, it will be more difficult to disengage.


The bottom line, VR is an interesting discovery that has brought a total change in the way we watch porn. However, the effect is still in its initial stages as it is not easy to relate with the scenes without getting into the same position as those involved in the act which is difficult with the VR headset. But as more companies are trying to tap into this evolving market, it will be more interesting as more VR videos which will be worth investing in will be made.

Anyone who had watched a porn scene unfold using a VR gadget will want more and this will lead to more subscriptions. However, the porn sites need to up their game so that they produce content that will make porn lovers feel that they are getting value for the amount spent in buying VR headsets.