What are the Top Robotic Companies Currently Working on?

November 27, 2018

What are the Top Robotic Companies Currently Working on?

2018 has been an eventful year for most of the top robotic companies where exciting discoveries have been made. More advanced inventions have been made that has brought a complete transformation in how men transact, go shopping or carry out some of the daily chores.



Below are some of the current inventions that are currently being worked on by the top robotic companies:

Ubtech Robotics Walker
Ubtech Robotics has come up with a robotic walker that is 4 feet tall that will not just walk around but move up or down the stairs. The robot can also kick a soccer ball! Though the robot is yet to be fitted with all the parts especially the arms, it is anticipated that by 2019, it will be complete and this will bring an addition to its current abilities.

ForwardX CX-1 Robotics Suitcase
ForwardX Robotics has come up with an amazing invention which makes traveling more exciting and less exhaustive! The CX-1 robotic suitcase will be able to follow you around as you move from one location to the other. The suitcase is currently retailing at $399 and will be sold together with a wristband that will prevent thieves from stealing it. Any time the suitcase is not within range, you will be notified so that you can easily track its whereabouts.

Care OS Smart Mirror
This is a ‘magic’ mirror that has the ability to talk back. It has the ability to offer skin care advice, play music, and take a selfie. The inbuilt camera will allow the mirror to analyze your dermatological health, advice you on hydration and on other beauty aspects as well. This is a marvel discovery in the robotic world that will take the beauty industry to the next level.

Aeolus Bot
This bot has the ability to pick toys, deliver cold beverages, and even vacuum the floor as you sit back and watch. It has the ability to adapt to change, learn how some of the routine procedures are carried out and even master the layout of the home.
This has been an invention-filled year for robotic companies and the discoveries are not about to stop. It will be amazing to watch and see more robotic inventions unfold as the top robotic companies advance in technology.


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