Will Apps Replace Websites?

November 28, 2018

Will Apps Replace Websites?

In the past, it was hard to find a business that did not own a website as it was considered a vital business tool. Today, almost every company has shifted its focus on apps through which their clients will be able to have a direct engagement with them.


Some of the reasons for this shift to apps are:

Mobile friendliness: the making of a mobile -friendly app is easier compared to making a website mobile friendly. The apps will be easier to use as they have been made following to allow specific functionalities and are less expensive as well.

More specific: For an app, you will get the information you need as more specific directions are given. For instance, the app will allow you to withdraw funds from a bank account, make payment, or even transfer money, something that a website can never have.

Despite the many benefits that an App will have, there are some limitations that have to be overcome for apps to take the place of websites such as:

Competition: there are very many apps and to have a space reserved for your app in a mobile device, you have to prove to the user that your app is a must-have.

Search engines: Today, it is not possible to have search engines to discover content that is within an app unless there is a link to other external sources.

Usability: downloading an app with take up too much time unlike the use of a browser where within a few seconds, you will have acquired the information wanted. This delay is making more people prefer to use the traditional website method.

More efforts need to be put in the app development before the users can be able to switch from the use of websites to apps. For instance, there should be a provision where you will be able to use an app without the need to download it and install it on your phone. There should also be innovations where it will be possible for search engines to connect those searching for information to the content in the app. For now, however, businesses should work hard to maintain their website and have an app as well so that their clients will have a chance to choose the platform that is most convenient for them.

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